We’ve built a community driven cryptocurrency project.

DORO is a community driven token which can be used to award creators and followers. It is a great way for fans to connect and engage with their favorite creators. Micro influencers, YouTubers and livestreamers can generate new income streams.


DORO is a community driven and self liquidating token. Users purchase workers in exchange for mining DORO. The Doro protocol invests the funds in treasury to generate returns. The value of DORO will grow steadily over time. The holders of DORO token receive stable, continuous payouts.

Smart Mining

Smart Mining is a process for generating tokens through a smart contract that is triggered by calling the "mint" function. This function assigns users workers, which enable them to earn Doro tokens. Each wallet address is restricted to calling the "mint" function once every 10 minutes. The number of Doro tokens a user receives is based on the number of workers they have and the amount of time they spend mining. It is important to ensure that you mine for a sufficient amount of time to make a profit. If you choose to cash out, your mining process will stop, and you will need to repurchase workers in order to start mining again.


The worker is a name for your mining share. It is a unit that Doro Network uses for calculating the amount of rewarding tokens.