We’ve built a community driven cryptocurrency project.

DORO is a community driven token which can be used to award creators and followers. It is a great way for fans to connect and engage with their favorite creators. Micro influencers, YouTubers and livestreamers can generate new income streams.


DORO is a community driven and self liquidating token. Users purchase workers in exchange for mining DORO. The Doro protocol invests the funds in treasury to generate returns. The value of DORO will grow steadily over time. The holders of DORO token receive stable, continuous payouts.

Smart Mining

Smart Mining is an On-chain mechanism that creates tokens over a span of time. Token is mined automatically, without any mining equipment.

This program distributes Doro tokens to those who call the smart contract "mint" function. The smart contract initiates the mining process of the Doro token. Each wallet address is restricted to call the "mint" function once every 10 minutes. The number of times one calls smart contract "mint" function, multiplied by the “time collapsed” (the interval between the call of the "mint" function and when the token is claimed) will determine the number of Doro token you receive.

After you claimed your Doro token, your mining records will be reset to zero.

5 new Doro tokens are created every second. The final token will be mined around the year 2027.


The worker is a name for your mining share. It is a unit that Doro Network uses for calculating the amount of rewarding tokens.